Our Documentation

Documentation is a powerful way to capture and display children’s thinking and learning.  “Making thinking visible,” is the phrase often used in the Reggio approach.  Documentation is a way to emphasize the PROCESS of the children’s learning rather than just the PRODUCT. Creating documentation is one of the teacher’s responsibilities as a researcher of young children and their learning. The teacher photographs the children during the learning process and records comments made and questions the children have. Documentation can be a means of reflection for children and can also serve as a way of sharing learning with families and communities.


“When teachers learned to take photos and work on documentation, they were not just learning a skill, but rather they were learning a careful, attentive way of seeing. It is a way of seeing that requires empathy. You must be in empathy with the child and the surroundings to capture the essence of an experience in a photograph.” – Vea Vecchi

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