Our Relationships

Children learn through experiences they have, but also through relationships. Relationships with teachers, peers, and parents are influential in the development of the whole child. Reggio inspired teachers do not view children as empty vessels that enter a classroom to get information poured into them. They learn about their children and get to know them and their families. They know what each child needs and where each child is at in his or her development. The students feel valued by the teachers and comfortable taking risks in their educational experiences because of this. Parents are a part of this equation, too. Parents and families are always welcome in the Reggio inspired classroom. Teachers communicate with parents and collaborate with them to provide the best school experience for the children. Parents communicate the needs of the students with the teachers and the teachers are transparent about the curriculum with the parents. The students feel belonging when they know their families are a part of what they are doing at school.

 “The ideas and skills that families bring to the school and, even more important, the exchange of ideas between parents and teachers, favor the development of a new way of educating, which helps teachers to view the participation of families not as a threat but as an intrinsic element of collegiality and as the integration of different wisdoms.”  – Sergio Spaggiari

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